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February 11, 2012


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Okay, so I should have mentioned this two days ago, but in case anyone's interested, I am hosting an event in my other group, :iconjob-offers:, in which I request fanart of one character each day, for 100 days.  The first fifty of these (including the two that I've already asked for) are going to be of various anime girls with their hair updone.

Each person who accepts a task on the day it is announced will receive 100 points on top of their default commission price upon completing the pic.  At the end of the event, the person who takes up the most commissions and/or does the best job drawing them will receive one year's worth of premium membership.

I have also started a donation pool as of yesterday, in order to keep the event going, in case anyone is feeling generous enough to donate points towards it.

Hope everyone receiving a copy of this blog entry is interested in joining or donating, or at even just seeing what people draw as a result of the event.
I would gladly contribute some pics for this project.
Thanks for your interest. Just click on the Job Offers icon and either join or just put it on your watchlist. All assignments will be announced on the group blog, and will only count for the day they are announced, although I'll still be willing to do business regarding past announcements.

That said, let's discuss any characters that interest you, be it today's, yesterday's, the first one, or any I announce in the future. Good luck aiming for premiumhood!
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